Micram VEGA DAC/ADC chips are the only products of their kind providing real-time, streaming, unbuffered data conversion with flexible sampling rates of up to and above 30GS/s. VEGAenables the only practical, running 100G data transmission development environment available today. VEGA give 100GbE developers the power to make immediate, significant progress by providing an off-the-shelf, full-bandwidth 100G environment – without a custom chip run. VEGA is open, scalable and easily adapted to any application-specific requirements.

Unlike other DAC/ADC product architectures which force early design decisions that are costly and time-consuming to change, VEGA enables developers to rapidly prototype their ideas, test them and make revisions on the fly. With VEGA, developers can quickly assemble a highly productive, real-time 100G development system and start creating system-level product designs immediately.

DAC 2 and DAC 3

Following the success of our original digital to analog converter chip, the sold-out DAC2, Micram now offers a family of third generation VEGA DACs offering developers even more performance and design flexibility: VEGA DAC 2 with sampling rates up to 34GS/s, and VEGA DAC 3 which achieves sampling rates as high as 72 GS/s. Incorporating everything we’ve learned from the success of VEGA DAC2, our latest chips deliver extraordinary performance that meets the capabilities of the latest generation of FPGAs (Xilinx VIRTEX-7)

For more information on the DAC I and II click here.


The ground-breaking VEGA ADC 30-NG  is a 32 GS/s, 6 bit analog to digital converter with 20 GHZ bandwidth. Even greater performance can be achieved with two VEGA ADC 30-NG USPA evaluation boards can be configured in a multi-channel interleave mode, enabling a effective 64 GS/s sampling rate @ 20 GHz bandwidth.

The Low Risk Path for 100GbE Development

The competitive advantage available to developers using VEGA is potentially game-changing. Already  up to four VEGA chips can be synchronized for an interleave mode using the CD15/CD17 versatile clock distribution module. See also the application note on synchronizing up to  4 VEGA converters:   030_Synchronizing VEGA Modules
VEGA converters will be delivering their unbeatable level of performance in a single BGA package that will interface with standard or custom specific DSP or FPGA data processors and provide a remarkably flexible and efficient core for system-level 100GbE products. There is no clearer path to the 100GbE market available today.


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