The Brillouin OSA with an external TLS


Maximum performance. Minimum cost.

In Aragon Photonics we know that you may already have an external tunable laser source. And we have worked hard to make most of them compatible with our BOSA technology. Thus, you save some money buying just our BOSA 100 to get high resolution optical analysis. If you don´t have any laser yet, this could be also a good option where two pieces of instruments can be purchased separately.

Based on our stimulated Brillouin scattering spectroscopy BOSA 100 takes advantage of an external TLS to scan the wavelegth of interest. Just connect our BOSA with your compatible TLS, the BOSA will take control of both instruments and perform the optical spectra with the best resolution (0.08 pm / 10 MHz) and spurious-free dynamic range (>80 dB), simultaneously for any wavelength span.

  • Use your own TLS for low-cost BOSA100 series
  • 10 MHz (80 fm) purely optical resolution
  • 80 dB spurious-free dynamic range
  • C, C+L, O, C+L+O band models
  • Fast scanning speed
  • Easy to integrate in your Lab.
  • BOSA add-on options for upgrade

Practical. Versatile.

BOSA 100 series is a very practical tool for scientists and engineers involved in the research and development of next-generation photonic devices and optical systems. And even more so if there is already an independent tunable laser source in you Lab.

Use your laser individually or combine it with our BOSA 100 and perform fast and accurate measurements. It can be smoothly integrated with the rest of the laboratory infrastructure thanks to its automation capabilities.

Besides, BOSA 100 series can be upgraded with all the add-on options available: TLS output, component analyzer, polarimetry extension, and phase measurement. Also, the BOSA 100 can be upgraded to BOSA 400 at any time.


Compatible TLS’s.

Agilent, Luna, and more recently Yenista lasers are 100% compatible with BOSA 100 series. Others could be under study. Contact us and tell us the model you plan to use with BOSA. We’ll confirm compatibility immediately.


Models available.

BOSA 100 series is today available in the C, L and O bands for optical telecommunications. You can combine these bands in your customized BOSA 100 unit. More commonly used units are C+L and the new O-band model. Check all specifications in the Catalog attached.

Aragon Photonics can supply BOSA 100 in very short time. Enjoy the most affordable subpicometric high resolution osa very soon!