The true High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer


Continuous evolution.

The BOSA 400 is the most advanced high resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer. Based on our stimulated Brillouin scattering spectroscopy the BOSA 400 series is our standalone solution with the best performance among all HR-OSA’s, the ideal solution for achieving accurate spectral measurements.

BOSA 400 is the evolution of the BOSA 200 series and represents a great step in terms of speed and accuracy. With 20nm/s and 0.5pm the BOSA 400 series is the fastest and more accurate ultra high resolution optical spectrum analzyer.

BOSA 400 - High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer - Aragon Photonics
  • 10 MHz (80 fm) purely optical resolution
  • 80 dB spurious-free dynamic range
  • C, C+L, O band models
  • Fastest scanning speed (20 nm/s)
  • Best accuracy in the market (0.5 pm)
  • Great automation capabilities
  • Best add-on options


Best performance. Always.

BOSA 400 series takes advantage of the key well-known features of 10MHz of pure optical resolution and more than 80dB of spurious free dynamic range.

Get reliable and fast optical spectrum results and integrate your BOSA with the rest of the laboratory infrastructure easily thanks to its automation capabilities.


High added-value. Just one box.

All the add-on options are for sure available in BOSA 400 series, thus creating the most versatile optical spectrum solution. Add the phase measurement, polarization analysis, component tester or laser output applications to BOSA 400. You’ll enjoy all of them in just one box. Welcome to BOSA 400.


Models available.

BOSA 400 series is available in C, L and O bands. Whether just C band, the new O band, or the typical C+L bands combination, buy the configuration that best fit your needs. We’ll be pleased to manufacture it for you.