A greatly balanced Brillouin OSA


Powerful. Affordable.

Designed to find the best balance between performance, features and cost, the BOSA Lite is our access point to the world of ultra-high optical resolution and the most affordable sub-picometric optical spectrum analyzer in the market.

Its simultaneous 20 MHz (0.16 pm) resolution and 80 dB spurious-free dynamic range make the BOSA Lite a truly capable instrument fit for most applications. Don’t be fooled by its small form factor and light weight, BOSA Lite is a fully functional BOSA (including the scanning laser) that only requires a single USB connection to a PC or laptop to work.

BOSA Lite - High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer - Aragon Photonics
  • Cost effective
  • 20 MHz (0.16 pm) purely optical resolution
  • 80 dB spurious-free dynamic range
  • Two polarization channels
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Available in standalone version as BOSA Lite+
  • Some options for upgrade

Full software utilities.

Besides, the software of BOSA Lite is exactly the same as BOSA 100 or 400 series, including the latest functionalities and applications. User interface is very easy to use, really helping out the work in a lab workbench or in a cart. You can control the BOSA Lite remotely, being a key piece of instrumentation for any research, development or manufacturing laboratory.


Models available. BOSA Lite+ version.

The BOSA Lite high resolution optical spectrum analyzer is also available in mainframe version (including computer and touchscreen) renamed as BOSA Lite+. It includes TLS output and passive component analyzer options.

BOSA Lite is available in C band. BOSA Lite+ is available in C, L and O bands and can be upgraded to BOSA 400 series at anytime.