The most versatile Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Integrated in the same mainframe, BOSA options add multiple measurement capabilities to your unit, making it a real all-terrain instrument for your research lab. Additional measurement modes with specific software can be selected when options are installed.

Phase measurement – Complex OSA.

Aragon Photonics’ BOSA Phase option turns the BOSA into an Optical Complex Spectrum Analyzer (OCSA) that still uses the 10MHz resolution from his brother BOSA and takes advantage of the Brillouin effect to obtain the optical phase of modulated signals.
Working with a Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) or with an Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) BOSA Phase provides time domain information useful to characterize new optical advanced modulation formats in a reliable and fast measurement equipment. Measure the eye-diagram, constellation and time-resolved chirp of your signals. A must-have for advanced modulation formats and pulsed sources analysis.
Key features:

–       Modulation format independent: No need of demodulation

–       Bandwidth independent

–       Low detector noise & high tolerance to ASE

–       Continuous analysis frequency from 88MHz to 1.45GHz. Others (i.e. 10GHz) upon request.

–       Upgradable from BOSA

BOSA options - Option 440 - Phase measurement - High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer - Aragon Photonics

Spectral polarimetry extension.

You can turn your BOSA into the most advanced tool for spectral polarization analysis. This option is an extension to the spectrum analysis and the component analyzer modules.

When using the optical spectrum analysis with polarimetry utility activated you can assess the spectrally-resolved state of polarization (SOP). Use markers to measure polarization differences between different light sources or spectral components. You can also check the polarization changes of a signal under different testing conditions.
Select a portion of the measured span to plot the evolution of the SOP with high resolution. This enables real-time measurement of the instantaneous differential group delay (DGD) of the channels present in an in-service DWDM link. By monitoring DGD over time, polarization mode dispersion (PMD) of the fiber can be measured.
When polarimetry option is installed, the passive component analyzer module can perform Mueller-matrix measurements enabling the characterization of the Polarization Dependent Losses (PDL) spectral profile of the device under test.

BOSA options - Option 430 - Polarization measurement - High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer - Aragon Photonics
BOSA options - Option 430 - High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer - Polarimeter - Poincare Sphere - Aragon Photonics

Passive component analyzer.

BOSA can be turned into a passive component analyzer. Including a high-dynamic range (>70 dB) measurement port synchronized with the TLS sweep, you can measure the response of optical filters, Bragg gratings, etc.
Connect a passive optical device between the TLS Output and AUX Input ports of your BOSA and measure the spectral profile of insertion loss (IL) and return loss (RL) of your passive optical devices with great detail and precision thanks to the benefits of BOSA technology.
Componet analyzer application has its own optimized measurement GUI but also shares many of the advanced functionalities of BOSA:

–    Fully programmable with SCPI commands through GPIB or Ethernet interfaces. Build you own monitoring applications easily!

–    Internal reference gas cell for wavelength referencing  and locking allows great accuracy.

–    Simultaneous measurement of insertion and return losses.

–    Dual polarization scanning for PDL-independent measurement.

BOSA options - Option 420 - Component Analyzer - FP example - High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer - Aragon Photonics
BOSA options - Option 420 - Component Analyzer - High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer - Aragon Photonics

Tunable laser output.

This option provides access to the internal tunable laser source included in BOSA 400 series so that it can be used for additional applications. BOSA TLS is a high-quality external cavity laser with very good scanning performance. It can be controlled through GPIB or Ethernet inferfaces with SCPI commands.

BOSA options - Option 410 - TLS Output - High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer - Aragon Photonics