100 GS/s Dual Channel Digital to Analog Converter System



Main Technical Specifications:

•  Dual output channel supports both differential and single-ended operation
•  40+ GHz analog bandwidth (-3 dB point)
•  Rise/Fall time (20%-80%) < 7ps
•  Ultra low intrinsic jitter (RJ < 100 fs)
•  Continuos Sample rate range from 25 GS/s to 100 GS/s
•  Output voltage up to 1.3 Volt diff pk-pk
•  LAN controlled with simple Matlab API
•  Requires external 1/2 rate clock synthesizer

Download English Product Brochure:   DAC10002 Family Brochure_V3.3_EN

Download Chinese:  Product Brochure:  DAC1000X Family Brochure_V3.4_CN

Optional Clock Synthesizer:   DS_FSL-mmW